The International Gundog League

Retriever Society


Schedule of the 93rd Retriever Championship 2015

 To be run under the Field Trial Regulations of the Kennel Club Limited and Rules of the International Gundog League Retriever Society


 Queensberry Estate, Drumlanrig Mains, Thornhill, DG3 4AG


 30th November, 1st and 2nd December 2015

 by generous invitation of

 His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry KBE, DL.

 The Meet on 30th November will be at Drumlanrig Castle, DG3 4AG at 08:30 a.m.

 Please follow the IGL road signs off the A76.

Registration on the 30th November 2015 will be from 07:45 a.m.



Mr N T Rowson (118) Mr N S Black (299)

 Mr M J Tallamy (1925) Mr S Polley (2435)

 The International Gundog League Headquarters:

 Friars Carse Country House, Auldgirth,

Dumfries, DG2 0SA.

Tel: 01387 740388


Officers of the International Gundog League (Retriever Society)

PRESIDENT    Mr R W Parker

DEPUTY PRESIDENT   The Duchess of Devonshire DL

VICE PRESIDENT   Miss A. Hill-Wood

Treasurer: Lady Hugh Smith         Secretary: Mr P Wainwright


Mrs H Bradley.  Mrs J Coley.  Mr G Cox.  Mr R Forbes.

Mrs A Greeves.  Mr D Hales.  Mr J Halstead.  Mrs J Hayes.

Mrs B Kuen.  Mr H Paterson.  Mr A Rountree.  Mr G Searle.

Mr J Stubbs.  Mr A Thornton.  Mr P White


Entry fee £75.00

All Trophies are held by the recipient for one year only.

 At the Judges discretion Diplomas of Merit may be conferred on Competitors having achieved that status.


1st     £ 100     –       2nd     £75        –      3rd    £50





(Presented by Captain A. Glen Kidston)
Won outright in 1987 by Mr J Halstead running F.T.Ch Breeze of Drakeshead and re-presented to the Society for perpetuity.


is awarded to the winner of the Retriever Championship.


is awarded to the breeder of the winner of the Retriever Championship.



To be won outright by the Winner of the Championship


Presented by Mrs June Heywood-Lonsdale to the dog/handler placed second.


Presented by the Scottish Field Trial Societies and awarded to the best dog entered by an owner wholly resident in Scotland; the dog must win a prize or Diploma of Merit to be eligible.


The conditions for the 2015 Retriever Championship will be as follows:

To compete in the Championship: dogs must have obtained one of the following qualifications during the current qualifying Field Trial Season:

1 x A Qualification or 3x B Qualifications

(a) 1st   in Open (two day) Stake, 20 or more runners        = A

(b) 2nd in Open (two day) Stake, 20 or more runners        = B

(c) 1st   in Open (one day) Stake, 10 or more runners         = B



The current Champion is entitled to defend the title.

The current Irish Champion is entitled to compete.

If a dog that has already qualified for the Championship and qualifies again at a subsequent Trial the qualification will not pass to the next dog in order of the awards at that stake.

No substitution of any dog that has qualified will be permitted.

There is no maximum numbers of competitors that are allowed to compete, providing they have attained the above qualification.

The Draw for the Championship will take place on the 14th November 2015 at 19:00hrs at the Secretary’s residence. For those trials that have not taken place by this date, the organising Club/Society name will be inserted in the draw. Any dog qualifying via the ‘B’ route after the draw has taken place will be added to the end of the official running order.

All dogs that have qualified must be registered at the Kennel Club Ltd. in accordance with Kennel Club Ltd. regulations for Classification and Registration B.

Any dog that has qualified and is resident outside the United Kingdom must have obtained and been issued with a Kennel Club Ltd Authority number to compete prior to entry into the Championship.

An entrant found not to have complied will be excluded from competing in the Championship.

Should circumstances so dictate the Society, in consultation with the Judges, may alter arrangements as necessary. Such changes and the circumstances surrounding them will be reported to the Kennel Club Ltd.

No modification may be made to this schedule after publication except by permission of the Kennel Club Ltd and the International Gundog League Retriever Society, followed by advertisement in appropriate journals and the Society’s website should time permit.

Judges at this Championship are prohibited from entering a dog that is recorded as in their part or full ownership. A credit will be given in the programme for those Judges dogs and any other dogs that have gained a qualification to participate but are not competing.

A competitor whose dog is entered in a Kennel Club Ltd licensed event should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of their dog(s) are met, and should not knowingly put their dog(s) health and welfare at risk by any action, default, omission or otherwise. A breach of this regulation may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Ltd Rules and Regulations.

The following statement applies to all that leave dogs in their vehicle whilst attending this Championship whether a Competitor or member of the Gallery.

Please ensure that dogs that are left in a vehicle or trailer even at this time of year have adequate ventilation to prevent the build up of temperature thus placing the animal at risk.

Should a dog found to be in distress, forcible entry into the vehicle will be considered without liability for any damage so caused.

Please send all communications to the Honorary Secretary.

Please Note:

It is expected that all those attending with a dog will clear up any fouling and dispose of the same in a suitable receptacle and not leave it for others to deal with.

Due to the limiting hours of daylight at this time of year it has been agreed with that we will shoot through to finish approximately at approximately 3:00pm each day.

We would suggest that you provide yourself with some refreshment that can be eaten in the field.

Light refreshment, by ticket only, in the form of soup/bread and a sports bar for the competitors and workforce will be provided at the end of proceedings on the first and second day.

Members of the Press

The Society has adopted a greater control on those members of the press that wish to enter the line during the Championship.

Those wishing to apply for press passes must have applied prior to the event by writing or emailing the Secretary a month before the date of the event.

To this end to ensure that those applying to enter the line must be in possession of a letter of identity from an accredited shooting or gundog publication that they are representing. The Society will only allow two members from each publication {ie photographer and correspondent} to be allocated with press arm bands.

There will be a Press briefing on the first day approximately 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the welcome announcements to which all are required to attend. Any person having not registered with the Secretary or Press Steward will not be allowed into the line.

On each of the days all those that have applied must contact the Press Steward to register and receive an arm band; this must be worn at all times.  The arm band must be returned to the Press Steward at the end of each day.

The Press will not have access to the forward gallery as this is reserved for competitors that are due to go in to line, the Press must keep in close contact with the Press Steward as it is their responsibility to ensure that are available to enter into the line at their allotted time.

The number of Press and the time allocated in the line will be at the discretion of the Judges/Steward of the Beat and representatives of the Society.

Any member of the Press that in the opinion of the Judges/Steward of the Beat/Chief Steward or Secretary is deemed to have obstructed the proceedings or is encroaching on the ability of the Judges or Competitor to view or handle the dogs will be asked to leave the line and will have their press pass revoked.

The use of flash photography in the line is strictly prohibited irrespectively of the light or weather conditions.

The only video filming during the Championship in the line or forward galleries will be carried out by the Society’s accredited film company (Paul French Video)

Any person found to be operating non approved video equipment will be asked to leave and return to the public gallery, this also applies to all in the line and forward gallery whether officials, guests, competitors or press.

The Society may at its discretion refuse entry to any future Retriever Championships to those that in the opinion of the Society have not complied with these requirements.

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