The International Gundog League

Retriever Society

2015 International Gundog League Retriever Society Championship

32 dogs called for Day two.
18 dogs called for day three. Day 3 starting with No. 41 & 42, for second retrieve of round.

Results of The 2015 IGL Retriever Championship announced, please select here or scroll below for a full summary of all competitors and their places.

No. in Draw Handler / Owner Dog 32 dogs called for day 2 18 dogs called for day 3 Results
1 Mr D S Latham / Mrs S Latham Ftch Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood
2 Mr R Corbett Oakvalley Black Shot
3 Miss S Shankar Fenhart Opal of Baronsbridge
4 Mr J Sudden Drakeshead Vine
5 Mr K A Turner Ftch Jobeshill Guns of Naverone  ‘called’  ‘called’
6 Mrs A Wales Ftch Brockweir Fleurie  ‘called’  ‘called’
7 Mr J W Halsted / Ms C Finlan Ragweeds Trigger  ‘called’  ‘called’
8 Mrs J Hankey Ardmuir Water Lily
9 Mr M Bagg Magbar Tamora  ‘called’
10 Mr A Robertson Garshake Dillon
11 Mrs S Halstead Ftch Greenbriar Thunder at Drakeshead  ‘called’
12 Mrs L Hill Ftch Stauntonvale Story  ‘called’   ‘called’
13 Miss A Clarke Garronpoint Avoca  ‘called’   ‘called’ Diploma of Merit
14 Mr S T C North Ballagan Handa of Northglen   ‘called’
15 Mr W G Steel Broadlaw Fitz   ‘called’
16 Mr W Skett Emmanygan Ultra
17 Mrs S Richardson Frizelwood Odan of Hartleyjean
18 Mr J W Halsted / The Duchess of Devonshire DL Ftch Brocklebank Navigator of Chatsworth   ‘called’
19 Mr C Perry Cynhinfa John
20 Mrs J L Smith Laborie Cirrus
21 Mr N Carville Int Ftch Waysgreen Apollo  ‘called’   ‘called’ Diploma of Merit
22 Mrs S Smith Ftch Snowdell Spender  ‘called’   ‘called’ Diploma of Merit
23 Miss K Cousins / Mrs T Lawrence Willowyck Muchly
24 Mr A Latham Ftch Rimrock Hurricane  ‘called’   ‘called’   2nd
25 Mrs A Faulds Ftch The Caper Countess
26 Mr P W Parkins Ftch Maldrake Livie   ‘called’
27 Mr M Moran Ftch Levenghyl Silvercloud of Drakeshead
28 Mr P Down Amancio Swift  ‘called’
29 Mr A Robertson Ftch Willowyck Raffle
30 Mr J W Halsted / The Duchess of Devonshire DL Ftch Emannygan Ramble  ‘called’   ‘called’ Diploma of Merit
31 Mr T Prentice Hitowngreen Diamond Joe of Findpoint  ‘called’
32 Miss S MacMillan Amancio Falcon  ‘called’   ‘called’ Diploma of Merit
33 Mrs R J Coley Ftch Waterford Ganton  ‘called’   ‘called’ Diploma of Merit
34 Mrs L D Partridge Ryeluke Rudbeckia To Braidenvale  ‘called’
35 Mr R R Moloney Ribblesdale Raider  ‘called’   ‘called’
36 Mr D Boyle Irish Ftch Miller McDuff  ‘called’
37 Mr W L Steel Ftch Denbrig Ace of Spades  ‘called’
38 Mr R Drysdale Ftch Denbank Khaki  ‘called’
39 Mrs D Wiggins Ftch Brockweir Daisy  ‘called’  ‘called’ Diploma of Merit
40 Mr R S W McKelvey Ftch Glenloch Stafford
41 Mr T Rodgers Autumnwillow Kaizer  ‘called’   ‘called’
42 Mr J W Halsted / Lady Celina Carter Ftch Asterix Aguzannis of Chatsworth  ‘called’   ‘called’  Winner
43 Mr N M Laffy Greenbriar Seige
44 Mrs J H Dunckley Ftch Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads  ‘called’   ‘called’
45 Mr J C Yarwood Ftch Gosberry Governor
46 Mr R S King Ftch Saxaphone Brown Ale of Lincswolds
47 Miss H Goodwin Sorrelcott Excalibur
48 Mr D S Latham Ftch Fendawood Ale
49 Mr T Kelly Ftch Carrickview Holly
50 Mr D R Field Ftch Artistryn Ulrich
51 Mr K Broomfield Ftch Riversmeet Sidney   ‘called’
52 Mr A J Wiles Hatchfield Loki of Lostal – NR
53 Mr P Goddard Carltonstar Toby  ‘called’   ‘called’  3rd
54 Mr J W Halsted / Ms C Finlan Ftch Jarailstar Rocky Road of Blackhatch  ‘called’
55 Ms J Crew Echobrook Dexster  ‘called’   ‘called’
56 Mr D Donohue Irish Ftch Georgias Hollystone Hope
Mr M Tallamy (Qualified Judging) Ftch Garrethall Quill of Brindlebay
Mr F Fitheridge (Qualified, declined to compete) Hanrebor Blackberry
(Official result not received from this Association) Tay Valley Gundog Association
The draw was carried out by Mr N Hyett on the 20th November at 19:30hrs.

Note, all attending the 2015 IGL Retriever Championship to comply with the Aspects of the IGL Retriever Championship 2015 on the Queensberry Estate (select here for details).